Memberships and Certifications


Canadian Welding Bureau

The Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB), a private sector not-for-profit organization, provides welding certification, weld procedure qualification and extensive training courses. Our CWB certification under W47.1 for steel and W47.2 for aluminum welding ensures your welding requirements comply with the rigid standards set out in these codes. They run parallel to AWS standards (USA) and are recognized in most jurisdictions and countries worldwide. We pride ourselves in being able to offer premium quality manual tig weldments (GTAW) in all alloys ranging from ornamental applications through amusement ride components and playground equipment.


British Columbia Safety Authority

The BC Safety Authority works together with businesses, industry and the general public to promote the safety of systems, products, equipment and work processes. Our Class A Boiler, Pressure Vessel and Pressure Piping certification with the BC Safety Authority allows us to both form and weld replacement pressure vessel components ranging from small package boilers to recovery and power boilers and associated equipment.


Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters (CME)

CME, Canada’s largest trade and industry organization, is committed to assisting its members achieve national and global competitiveness through continuous improvement and government lobbying. Our involvement with CME supports our corporate development by providing networking opportunities, training and educational resources, and keeping us informed of the newest industry trends.


Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB)

The CFIB represents small businesses all across Canada and advocates on behalf of its members for fairness in corporate governance and reporting regulations. As members of the CFIB, we are also able to take full advantage of their business management support and cost saving programs.


Fabricators and Manufacturers Association, International (FMA)

FMA’s purpose is to strengthen the forming and fabricating industry by offering its members networking opportunities and training seminars, hosting tradeshows and distributing industry publications.


Ironworkers Shop Local Union 712

Local 712 has been representing BC’s ironworkers for more than 50 years and boast more than 2000 members. Our unionized workforce has been a proud member of the organization since 2000.

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