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Centrally located in the Port Kells area of Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, with more than 26,000 square feet of manufacturing space, we offer a wide spectrum of services including pipe, tube, and structural steel forming, custom fabricating and manufacturing.

Aggressive Tube Bending is the industry leader in innovation with a reputation for high quality and personalized service. In business since 1987, our commitment to customer service and quality workmanship has fueled our growth and allowed us to expand our capabilities to offer “one-stop” bending and fabricating services to a wide range of customers.


AGGRESSIVE TUBE BENDING INC., the first choice in metal management.
The first choice in quality
The first choice in industry reputation
The first choice in employment

Our company goal is to create loyal customers by exceeding all expectations through pride, quality and on time service.  Through continuous improvement we will make “pipe” dreams come true.


about_culture_imageAggressive Tube Bending’s present position in our industry is a direct result of the many contributions that our employees have made over the years. We strive to maintain excellent communication with each other and with our customers and suppliers.

Company events such as annual Christmas parties, golf tournaments, and fishing derbies are opportunities to get together outside of the work environment. These events are enjoyed not only by team members but also by family, friends, and business associates. We host staff barbecues throughout the year to celebrate milestones such as 100 accident free days or simply to toast events such as the beginning of the summer season.

In June 2008, all members of Aggressive Tube Bending came together for a workshop that focused on employees and management taking a joint role in setting the course for the company going into the future. The first task in solidifying this new team work approach was identifying who we are as a collective. We are sincerely proud that each and every member of Aggressive Tube Bending contributed to our Vision Statement and the following Employee Mission Statement signifying who we are and what we mean to each other:

Employee Mission Statement

We, the valued employees of AGGRESSIVE TUBE BENDING proudly promote the respect and consideration of each and every person.

We pledge to come to work with a positive outlook and pride in our workplace, keeping an open mind to both accept diversity and the sharing of our combined knowledge.

As a group, we pledge to accept the challenge of cultivating trust, respect and dedication to each other in a safe, fun, family environment.

Our prosperity and growth is enhanced and insured through our accountability and pride in the quality of our work.

A proud union shop.

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